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Visual storytelling by Common Ground

A look into the world of Visual storytelling

AIP Management – Northern Winds

A film about the impact on the local communities in northern Sweden doing and after the creation of a wind farm. A joint venture between Vattenfall, AIP Management and Vestas.

Nordea – Polluting to heal

Engagement film on pollution from pharma production in India for Nordea. India.

Bacthera – Enable Bacthera

Corporate branding film for new biopharma company Bacthera, that is a joint venture between Lonza in Switzerland and Chr. Hansen in Denmark.

Learning past your disability

Anne Marie telling her story on learning to conquer her reading disability and getting a job. This with the help of her local municipality. Produced for Marselisborg Consulting.

Nordea – Convenient Choices

Brand film for Nordea Sustainable Finance. USA, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Sweden and Norway.

Capital Four

Corporate branding film for investment firm Capital Four.

Danish Pension Fund, PFA – A Good Senior Life

Campaign film for Danish Pension Fund PFA, CR report 2022. Denmark

JSS “My Home” – Andrea Weber

To get a better understanding on how investment need to be used to make the world more sustainable Andrea Weber, an investment analyser, takes us back to where she learned to ski as a child. A place where climate change is already impacting the lives of the locals. Campaign film for Private bank J. Safra Sarasin. Switzerland

Chr. Hansen – The world of Chr. Hansen

Corporate film for Chr. Hansen. China, France, USA, Denmark, and Brazil.

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Vu Thao, Vietnam

Portrait of Vu Thao, founder Of Kilomet109, for an article about the sustainable fashion in Viet Nam. Vu Thao sources her garment directly from local artisan women around Viet Nam. This way they can work together, secure quality and keep traditions alive.

Seaweed farming, Indonesia

Seaweed farmer from the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The photo was taken while doing a video reportage on seaweed farming as it is a major industry which is also threatened by climate change.

R&D worker, Denmark

R&D employee at working station. Danish/Swiss pharmaceutical company.

Pharmaceutical employee, Denmark

Employee working on a pilot fermentor

Hospital Clown and former patient, Denmark

In Denmark the NGO Hospital Clowns cheer up children at hospital to make their as well as their parents stay better. It is not an easy task but the imprint from the clowns visits last.

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Influence a sustainable future

The article explores how a group of influencers by using social media tries to inspire their followers to think about the choices they make. Read article – Only in Danish

The cost of the failed debt collection system rises

An investigative news story about a failed IT-system build to collect taxpayer debt continues to cost taxpayers a fortune. Read article – Only in Danish

In a near future Greenland will sell sand to Sahara

Sand is becoming a rear commodity, and as we continue to use it for all our building needs we need to look towards more unlikely places - enters Greenland. Read article – Only in Danish

Minister recognizes mistake about old cars

This is an investigative news story where a Danish minister used data from the European Environmental Agency that where incorrect. Read article – Only in Danish

A vertical breakthrough

As the world population are growing, we will need to produce food at a new level. This also come at a time where soil is of an increasing poor quality and we are maxing out our lands. But a new type of farm is seeing the light of day and will be a way to grow the food we need – Vertical Farming. Read article – Only in Danish


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Thomas Sonne, Producer

My passion is turning your ideas into a compelling visual story. B2B marketing and services can be technical and complex. I enjoy transforming challenging content into a tangible, engaging story. With more than 30 years’ experience I am able to put my extensive expertise to work in every new story we help to create.

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For the past decade, I have been committed to helping people grasp complex issues in the fields of sustainability, politics and finance. For me storytelling is the single most effective tool to create awareness and understanding about the work you do. Getting your story across is where my passion lies.  

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Josefine Gervang Heimburger, Producer

I enjoy combining my productional skills with a creative engagement in storytelling. I like to connect with people and their stories and then turn them into meaningful visual content. I have worked in the film and media industry for 10 years and I always seek to deliver a high creative level together with a pragmatic attitude of solving things.

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