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Visual storytelling by Common Ground

A look into the world of Visual storytelling

Capital Four

Corporate branding film for investment firm Capital Four.

Bacthera – Enable Bacthera

Corporate branding film for new biopharma company Bacthera, that is a joint venture between Lonza in Switzerland and Chr. Hansen in Denmark.

J. Safra Sarasin – My home

Campaign film for Private bank J. Safra Sarasin. Switzerland

Danish Pension Fund, PFA – Hybrid ferry

Campaign film for Danish Pension Fund PFA, Climate Plus portfolio. Denmark

Nordic Council of Ministers – Eight initiatives

Campaign film for Nordic Council of Ministers on ministers of trade and industry. Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Icelands, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Åland

Nordea – Sustainable cities

SoMe film for the Nordic bank Nordea. United Arab Emirates

Confederation of Danish Industry – How Denmark wins

Corporate branding film for Confederation of Danish Industry. Denmark.


Explainer film for Nordgen – the Nordic Genetic Resource Center. Sweden

Nordea – Our Nordic heritage

Commercial for Nordea Asset Management. Luxembourg

Nordea – Convenient Choices

Brand film for Nordea Sustainable Finance. USA, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Sweden and Norway.

Novozymes – Mananase

Technical presentation of the enzyme Mananase performance for Novozymes. Denmark

Nordea – Vale

Active ownership by investor Nordea in the case of the collapse of the tailings dam in Brazilian municipality Brumadinho. Brazil

Maersk – Jackie

Employer branding portrait for A.P Møller Maersk Terminals. Liberia

Chr. Hansen – The world of Chr. Hansen

Corporate film for Chr. Hansen. China, France, USA, Denmark, and Brazil.

Shape Robotics – Fable

Educational robot for Shape Robotics. Denmark

Nordea – Financial Markets Minister Per Bolund

Interview with Financial Markets Minister of Sweden for the Nordic bank Nordea. Sweden

Nordea – Investment update

Financial solution for visual communication with graphic design. Denmark

Nordea – Polluting to heal

Engagement film on pollution from pharma production in India for Nordea. India.


Vu Thao, Vietnam

Portrait of Vu Thao, founder Of Kilomet109, for an article about the sustainable fashion in Viet Nam. Vu Thao sources her garment directly from local artisan women around Viet Nam. This way they can work together, secure quality and keep traditions alive.

Seaweed farming, Indonesia

Seaweed farmer from the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The photo was taken while doing a video reportage on seaweed farming as it is a major industry which is also threatened by climate change.

Vertical Farming, United Kingdom

Vegetables growing under a LED lights at a vertical farm in the UK. This farm had 17 storage of vegetables growing in an industrial area outside the city of Scunthorpe.

Danny Annan, Iran

Danish Ambassador to Iran, Danny Annan, at his desk in his office in Teheran

Investor and wine farmer, Switzerland

On the shore of Lake Geneve in the southern part of Switzerland. The photograph is portraying an investor and a wine farmer and was taken for a sustainability campaign for the bank J. Safra Sarasin about the effect of climate change around Switzerland.

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Grandparents fighting for the future

The article explores how more and more seniors are taking the fight against climate change to the frontline around Europe. And how in the Netherlands they won a climate-trial at the High Courts. Read article – Only in Danish

E-wasting billions

Electronic waste is piling up more and more every year. And only a small per centage is recycled. But there is gold to be struck – literary. Mining old electronic is worth billions and the race has already begun. Read article – Only in Danish

A vertical breakthrough

As the world population are growing, we will need to produce food at a new level. This also come at a time where soil is of an increasing poor quality and we are maxing out our lands. But a new type of farm is seeing the light of day and will be a way to grow the food we need – Vertical Farming. Read article – Only in Danish

Minister recognizes mistake about old cars

This is an investigative news story where a Danish minister used data from the European Environmental Agency that where incorrect. Read article – Only in Danish

The cost of the failed debt collection system rises

An investigative news story about a failed IT-system build to collect taxpayer debt continues to cost taxpayers a fortune. Read article – Only in Danish


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My passion is turning your ideas into a compelling visual story. B2B marketing and services can be technical and complex. I enjoy transforming challenging content into a tangible, engaging story. With more than 30 years’ experience I am able to put my extensive expertise to work in every new story we help to create.

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